TLZ Series

The TLZ Series, an ultra-high speed 2-dimensional, 3-axis laser system with dual pallet changer and flying optics provides high- speed cutting, flexibility and precision for 3-axis laser cutting of a variety of materials.

With cutting feed rates to 40,000mm per minute and rapid feed rates to 100,000mm per minute, the TLZ provides the speed for virtually any high-production cutting. The TLZ dual-pallet changer allows for quick set up time and flexible cutting operations. Robust construction and stability provide for high repeatability, positioning accuracy and consistent cutting action.

Standard features include:

  • Side gas for high speed piercing
  • Non contact gap sensor
  • Air dryer
  • Integrated stationary operation panel
  • Yaskawa Siemens CNC controller
  • Manual jog handle

Optional features include:

  • Auto focus adjustment
  • Auto pierce sensor and retry
  • Automatic assist gas control unit
  • Sub operation panel
  • Auto power source stop
  • Power ramping function
  • Remote server
  • CAD/CAM down-loading software
  • Rotary index table
  • Multi-shelf automated storage units

Specifications TLZ Series

  TLZ-408 TLZ-510
Working stroke 2500mm (98") x 1250mm (49") 3100mm (122") x 1550mm (61")
Max. sheet size 1220mm (48") x 2440 (96") 1525mm (60") x 3050 (120")
Table height 920mm (36") 920mm (36")
X-axis stroke
Optical head left/right travel
2500mm (98") 3100mm (122")
Y-axis stroke
Optical head front/back travel
1250mm (49") 1550mm (61")
Z-axis stroke
Optical head front/back travel
100mm (4") 100mm (4")
X, Y-axis
Rapid feed rate
100,000mm (3937")/min. 100,000mm (3937")/min.
Rapid feed rate
30,000mm (1181")/min. 30,000mm (1181")/min.
X, Y-axis
Cutting feed rate
1mm - 40,000mm (0.04" - 1575")/min. 1mm - 40,000mm (0.04" - 1575")/min.
Drive motor AC servo AC servo
Guide mechanism Linear ball guide Linear ball guide
X-axis / Y-axis
Positioning accuracy
±0.05mm (0.002")/500mm (19.7") ±0.05mm (0.002")/500mm (19.7")
Floor space
W x L
4280mm (169") x 7537mm (297") 4580mm (180") x 8737mm (344")
Machine weight 10,000kg (22,050lb) 12,000kg (26,460lb)

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